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All technical subjects and links will be posted here. Technical sub links to the forums can be found here.

Baofeng Programming software can be found here.

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I like building things, many things actually. With the hobbies I love including building and racing cars, HAM radio, building and flying giant scale aerobatic airplanes, the mind is always ticking about what to do and build when I am done with my 1001 projects :o) 

I used to manufacture Satellite dishes and had to build towers to support them as high as 50ft in the air, these dishes were on average 25ft in diameter. Fast forward to being a HAM, building antennas and masts allows me to relive those years as a teen and early 20ies.

I am really toying with the idea of building a stand alone, tilt up/crank up mast for HAM radio antennas, like in the pic on the left. They are really practical, don't use much space and can be lowered and raised in a short time. I would like to build them Click here for video of one being built and raised.                         using 12V power instead of hand cranking for speed and emergency needs.

Go to 5:00 point to see just the mast being raised.                           Let me know what you guys think.