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Barbados Ham Radio Club

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                                                                                               Fantastic  News 

June 29th, 2018. We had an extremely productive and pleasant meeting with the Honorable Senator Lucille C. Moe,  Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs and The Director Of Public Affairs, Ms. Patricia Parris. 

                                                                    Details of our meeting can be found here.

July 1st, 2018. I am extremely happy and beyond proud to say we have built, installed and commissioned a Brand New Amateur Radio Repeating Station in Barbados. The 8P6AN-R station will promote Amateur Radio Service and enhance Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Barbados.

I made the repeater live at 10:30 Atlantic Standard Time, on July 1st, the day which my XYL who is also a HAM VA3AOR,  reminded me it's Canada Day. After a lot of time spent with ordering, programming, tuning and testing both the Amateur Radio repeater, Echolink/IRLP, its computer and link radio, we are on the air with strong and solid signals, via EL/IRLP Caribbean and World Wide.

I would like to thank Randy 8P6PZ and the BCBRA for the use of the transmitting tower and communication room, Wesley 8P6GW who did an amazing job of climbing the tower to install two antennas, my friend Klaus in Canada VE3KR for purchasing the node and building on my behalf, David 8P6GZ and Charles 8P6ET for radio transmission checks and reports and last but not least, two of my committed, hardworking  and dedicated  construction employees, Derick and Michael. Everyone noted here made this dream and goal a reality for which I appreciate immensely.

Special thanks to The Honorable Senator, Lucille Moe Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs and The Director Of Public Affairs, Ms. Patricia Parris for the time they spent listening to us.

Today June 14th, 2018, the BHRC President 8P6RR / VA3RIR  has been made a Certified ARRL Instructor. Certificate can be  found here.

Great News, I have launched this website on Sunday 10th of June, 2018. I have been building this website for a few months and have finally published it onto the Wonderful  World Wide Web. It's work in progress and always will be since that's what websites require.


HAM Related information will be posted here.  Members can discuss details or contribute in the forums here.

I have been working with one of the Chief Amateur Radio Examiners in Trinidad, to facilitate candidates from Barbados to sit the exams in Trinidad. They use the Technician and General Class Certification, the information which can be                            found in the forums here.


Members can discuss details or contribute in the forums here.

The Barbados Ham Radio Club was just established. Right now I am getting the radio links set up for local coverage, the Caribbean Region and to the rest of the world on 2 Meter. We should have the entire array of links on the air by the end of this                                           month June 2018. We will be planning events there after with the hopes of no Hurricane visits.