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Barbados Ham Radio Club

Keeping Amateur Radio Alive and Fun


BCBRA's President Mr. Randy Chandler has taken the initiative, seeking a much needed exemption from the Barbados hands free driving traffic act. The exemption he seeks will assist  The BCBRA and Amateur Radio Operators, with providing  uninterrupted real time emergency radio communication support, in times of hurricanes, other disasters and emergencies.

It should be noted, that all Emergency Radio Communication Support Teams and Amateur Radio Operators worldwide, are all exempt from any hands free traffic act.

The Barbados Ham Radio Club fully supports the BCBRA's efforts. We do hope that the importance of this amendment we seek is granted, for the provision and continuous safety                                                                                                   and life saving measures these, support teams provide.

The BCBRA and its members play a major role in emergency support, disaster preparedness and are present during many cultural activities lending a helping hand.

BCBRA Website can be found here and their Face Book Page is here.

BCBRA Emergency Communication Carry Station.

BCBRA Emergency Team

BCBRA Tower with Rigger Wesley climbing.

Students from Mount Tabor Primary School visiting the BCBRA. 

Map pin pointing BCBRA 3 repeating stations and area coverage