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Barbados Ham Radio Club

Keeping Amateur Radio Alive and Fun

              The BHRC Repeater 8P6AN-R and Link information are as follows

          TX FQ 147.910 Mhz.    RX FQ 147.310 Mhz.     -600 Khz.   Tone 100 Hz.

        8P6RR-R  EchoLink Node Number is 152150.  IRLP Node Number is 7943. 

   Your Radio must have  RX FQ set to 147.910 Mhz   and TX FQ set to 147.310 Mhz                                      

   The BHRC is Barbados connection to the Caribbean Echo-Link Emergency Network.

Barbados is world-renowned for its pristine beaches, favorable climate, hospitality and safety, naming a few reasons why Bajans are proud and why you should visit. 

                                                       Being a small tropical island, it lends itself to the cultural unification of its people, while  

                                                       sustaining the tropical paradise experience for visitors to always have fond memories of.

                                                       There are many HAMs who visit Barbados. There are some  first timers and also a number of                                                               recurring visitors, please do visit and add to that number.

                                                       HAMs who would like to visit and operate in Barbados can get information here Visiting HAMs

Compared to other Caribbean Islands, Barbados is relatively flat, with views of the ocean most times while commuting, this makes it quite favorable for HAM Radio use. 

The Bajan population is relatively small and Barbados is not a heavily industrialized island, making it better for having lower RF noise pollution.

With the ocean close by, mostly flat terrain, low RF noise pollution,  year round warm weather, stable electricity, great food and people, it's the perfect place for HAMS to visit.